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Learn how to improve your metrics by seeing what your visitors are interested in.

With better understanding of customers, comes better result

Social Data Made Accessible and Useful

Measure and optimize

to know what people are interested in and get the highest value out of your online activities


to find out things like where your audience likes to travel and access exclusive insights


content based on social data the same way Facebook Ads does for Advertising

Brands need to know more about their target audience. To do so, solutions need to focus on the digital footprint of the target group: next to the purchase and on-site activity; social media activities, demographical and psychographical data as well as their community’s behavior.

With SpringTab Intelligence you can

  • Get hidden insights for high-ROI changes
  • Use your digital budget way more effectively
  • Make a great case for prioritizing your optimization
  • Speed up your user testing & analysis process
  • Prove that your changes worked
  • Enjoy more conversions and better engagement

It seems difficult to integrate…

Hell no! Actually, it takes just a few hours, and if you already have Facebook Login, then it can even be done without technical knowledge.

But then it should cost a fortune..

You guessed it wrong! Comparing to market research or Facebook Ads spending that cost thousands more, this is a cherry pie.

One thing people find when using SpringTab Intelligence is that their visitors have other interests and want to see different content. What could that be for you brand? No more guessing and start seeing the ugly truth. Give SpringTab Intelligence a spin test for free for 30 days, our treat.